chisawani school sanitation project

Chisawani Primary School is in the Southern Region of Malawi, with a total of 1,930 students. There was no water point at the school, and the sanitation facilities were broken and unusable. Because of a recent outbreak of cholera in this area, the sanitation and water problems at the school had been exacerbated and disease was rampant among the students.

BEFORE: Broken and make-shift latrines at Chisawani school caused a sanitation and health crisis amongst the students.


Thanks to the generous support of Calvary Church in Golden, Colorado, and other individual donors, in June of 2013, Freshwater Project International sent the funds to our in-country partner organization to begin Phase I of the Chisawani School project. In July 2013, Phase I of the project was completed including the construction of 4 double pit VIP latrines.

AFTER: Two of the four double pit latrines constructed by Freshwater.


“The Chisawani community is very grateful to Freshwater for rescuing the school in constructing four toilets, said Mr. Felix Kagula, Chairman of the Chisawani School PTA. “This kind gesture by Freshwater will go a long way in the history of this school and this has prompted the community to continue moulding bricks in addition to the available 195,000 burnt bricks to build the latrines. I commend Freshwater for their timely assistance in constructing the four toilets and would also like call upon other NGOs in the area to emulate the good example portrayed by Freshwater.”

Since completion of Phase I, the Malawian government funded the construction of a borehole well at the school.