Draper School in Chulochosema

It started with a Facebook post by Freshwater Co-Founder, Heidi Rickels. Her friend from Jr. High School, David Augustus, saw that Freshwater Project International was working in Malawi, Africa, to provide water & sanitation at schools, villages and health centres. David had become a pastor at St. Andrews Covenant Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, North Carolina. Their church has a long-standing partnership with a sister church in Malawi, Chulochosema Presbyterian Church, near Zomba.

Among other joint endeavors, St. Andrews and Chulochosema Presbyterian had recently partnered in the construction of a large, new boarding school, Draper Secondary School. With enrollment set to increase dramatically this year, the school was in need of a large amount of clean water to serve the needs of the students, teachers and community, and they called on Freshwater Project International to step in to help!

Generous parishioners from St. Andrews funded the drilling of two wells at the school. Other parishioners from Calvary Church in Golden, Colorado, also contributed to the project in honor of their retiring pastor, Fr. John Wengrovius and his wife, Ruth, who spent 3 years as missionaries in this area of Malawi in the 1970s. Our faithful Country Director, Henrick Kunkeyani, along with his drilling team, was successful TWICE in reaching the water table and water flowed steadily from both well sites! 

"Mission accomplished at Draper School," said Henrick. "It's Water, Water, Water! Both holes have plenty of water to sufficiently meet the school's needs. Thanks for your prayers, commitment and support. Praise God, let us rejoice together!"

One well will be developed now into a large, 5,000 liter water tank with a solar pump, and the other will be capped and developed later as enrollment continues to increase at the school.

This June, Rev. David Augustus (far right) and a missions team from St. Andrew's visited Chulochosema just after the wells were drilled, Henrick, David and the St. Andrew's team were able to meet at a service at Chulochosema Presbyterian Church and everyone celebrated together the fresh, clean water flowing at both sites!

Rev. Augustus preached the sermon that Sunday and was able to tell the story of two friends and fresh water! WATCH THE VIDEO HERE


The final handover ceremony for the Draper Secondary School water project in Chulochosema, Malawi is complete! This project was funded by generous parishioners from St. Andrews Covenant Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, North Carolina, in partnership with their Malawian sister church, Chulochosema Presbyterian Church and implemented by Freshwater Project International.

Rev. Silas Ncoma expressed his delight and extreme gratitude for the provision of clean water at the school saying, "Now the students will be much healthier because water is life!"