ekwendeni school for the blind

You can imagine the difficulty that Malawian children with impaired vision or blindness have in completing daily tasks, like fetching water.

In our first drilling project after purchasing the drill rig, Freshwater Project International partnered with CCAP SMART Centre Malawi at Ekwendeni School for the Blind in a rural area near Mzuzu. Freshwater drilled the well and constructed a 5,000 liter water tank (shown below). 

Now the students have immediate access to a rope pump (shown above at the base of water tank), taps of water and a large row of wash basins. Water truly is life for these precious students at Ekwendeni and your support helped make this project succeed!

Born with albinism, Louisa is also legally blind. Lack of pigmentation and altered structure of the eye and optic nerve cause varying degrees of vision impairment and blindness in individuals with this genetic disorder. With her sweet and gentle spirit, Louisa expressed her immense gratitude for the gift of water at her school.

"I am very happy to have clean water now. We can cook with it, drink it, wash our hands, and clean our clothes now. Before, we did not have a sink. We had to walk 1km to get water."  ~Louisa

Freshwater Project International was able to visit the school recently to view the impact. Our staff members were warmly welcomed by the children, who were excited to show off their new wash basins and taps. WATCH THE VIDEO LEFT!

For these students, all of whom are blind or vision impaired, access to water makes all the difference in their health, education and free time.

We are so grateful to our partners at CCAP SMART Centre Malawi. Freshwater drilled another borehole with these partners at Madosa Primary School near Mzimba summer of 2016.