In 2004, Johnny & Ricki Hein met the inspirational Charles Banda, founder of Freshwater Malawi, who taught them about the desperate need for clean, safe drinking water at villages in his home country of Malawi in east Africa.

They learned that poor quality water can have serious health implications including the spread of water-borne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and dysentery; child mortality; and greater chance of infection amongst mothers and newborns.

These negative health impacts only compound the problems of poverty facing Malawi today. Women and young girls have to walk long distances to retrieve what is often contaminated and unsafe water, and then walk back again, wasting time and energy that could be spent on education and income generating activities. 

Last year, Johnny & Ricki were inspired to sponsor the repair of a broken borehole well at a village school in Mpatsa, Malawi, in memory of their late son, Jason John Hein. The repair was a success and the students and community rejoiced at seeing the fresh, clean water flow close to their school and home. FULL STORY

The clean water provided by the well made such an impact, that Johnny wanted to sponsor another memorial well in honor of his beloved parents, Dr. George T. and Dorothy Hein, and Aunt Catherine Hein. A village was selected and Johnny & Ricki invited friends and family members to be a part of provide life-giving, clean water at Mmeza Village in Malawi through Freshwater Project International. 

Freshwater was able to mobilize it's team and drilling equipment quickly, and water soon flowed at the well site! Once again, a remote community, desperate for access to clean water had hope for a well in their village. Our team finished the installation of the pump and water flowed steadily from the pump. 

Our faithful country director, Henrick Kunkeyani reports: 

“Heidi, it’s another exciting news in Phalombe: It's Water! Water Water again! We have water at Group Village Mmeza in Phalombe! It's all joy in the village. Songs of happiness. Thank you Heidi, your Dad and whole family. You are life savers. Jesus Bless you all.”