Ndongo Birthing Center new well and latrines

first water.jpg
pit latrine.jpg

Freshwater partnered with Make Malawi to bring clean water and sanitation to the Ndongo Birthing Center which will provide birthing services for 18 villages in the surrounding area in southern Malawi.

The center serves a total population of 37,000 and offers a clean, safe place where women will be able to give birth with clean water, sanitation and trained nurses. Freshwater plans to do more water projects at birthing centers as this is a great way to decrease maternal and child mortality and help start life on a healthy note for mothers, babies and families.

This project was supported in part by a donation from the Rotary Club of Riverdale, NY. Special thanks to Kelly Ernst, the founder of Make Malawi, and to Eunice, who oversaw the construction of the center and the installation of the well.