Nsuka Primary School Latrine Repair

After severe flooding rocked the Southern region of Malawi, the Nsuka Primary School Latrine Repair Project is now completed. Thanks to Freshwater Project International’s generous donors! Nsuka village, just as many places in southern Malawi, experienced extremely heavy downpours resulting widespread water pooling during the rainy season. Stagnant water separated households and the road to the Nsuka Primary School was flooded for some time. Four of the five school toilets were affected by the flooding, including the collapse of a blind wall and entrance floor for one of the girl’s toilets. Three other latrines experienced entrance floor cracking, but of less magnitude.

Many households and other facilities, including toilets of the nearby school (Nogwe), were also affected by the flood. The Malawian government provided temporarily shelter for the affected households in schools, churches and mosques, and provided them with basic necessities.

Earlier in 2012, our in-country implementing partner carried out construction of five latrines, two urinals, two hand washing facilities, one borehole well, and the planting of 100 assorted fruit tree seedlings through funding from the Australian AIDS Fund. They also rehabilitated the non-function borehole which was close to the school. Handing over of the facilities to the community took place in November of 2012 and there was much celebration at the school and in the community. So it was extremely distressing when severe flooding hit the region and some of the brand new facilities were damaged.

After the flooding damage was assessed, the school water point committee commissioned the reconstruction of the blind wall and entrance floors. Due to the soil type, the floor area was heavily compacted in addition to using both river sand and quarry stones. Basins constructed on each tree seedling were leveled to avoid holding water from any additional rains. The total renovation cost was US $1,365 including transport.

12 Nsuka Primary school Head teacher(a Mr Mmadi) appreciating the completed works.JPG

Thanks to the help of Freshwater Project International’s generous donors and supporters, the repairs are complete and the children are able, once again, to utilize all of the water and sanitation facilities! 

11  Final touches on renovation works...continues.JPG